Who is Charlie ?

Ahoy ! 

It’s Charlie here, I am 27 and come from Brittany, a gorgeous region in the West part of France.

To tell you a bit of who I am, I would say that

… I am pragmatic and organized, but I have to admit that I am often daydreaming,

… I am determined to achieve my goals, but at the same time I am such a procrastinator,

… I have a positive and optimistic mind, and a strong character,

… people would say I am a bit crazy ; believe me, I have my head screwed on right.

Since a young age, I always said I would go on a world tour as soon as I could. 

I have always dreamed about discovering and exploring the world : the nature, the people, different lifestyles. I am fascinated about the world around me. There is just so much to see and experience, and so many people to meet …!

These past 10 years, I accomplished different travels which have all shaped me in their own way. I went 5 times in Latin America, I traveled for 4 months alone with my bagpack in Asia, I used to live in Chile, in Mexico, but also in London, Barcelona, Paris… I celebrated my birthday on the Great Wall of China, danced at the Rio Carnival, been on the mystical Easter Island, climbed volcanoes in Guatemala, been at the end of the world at Ushuaia, and saw greenlights in Lapland.

Travel is my fuel. Everything I do is always driven by this will of moving, discovering : I work and save money to get a ticket towards new continents, I leave everything to go living and working in an foreign country, then another one… All this allows me to discover new cultures and lifestyles, meet new friends, be amazed by amazing lanscapes, and of course, to grow as a person.

I am total Gen Y individual, constantly in search of meaning. I want to experiment, create, work, but I want it to make sense. And more generally, for my life to make sense, I do want to discover the world. Therefore, I do create opportunities for myself to travel.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust

On Charlie Tuktuk, I want to share with you this passion for travel, my points of view, advice, and feedbacks.

For me, traveling is not just about going to a great destination. There is a real thing going on inside ; it is a super-powerful tool to get to know yourself. It’s not about waiting for something to come up, nor say “oh you’re so lucky”, but rather understand how you can create your own luck and feed this yearning for discovery and adventure.

So here we are, I take you on my travel journey. I am going to tell you my stories, discoveries and thoughts. I will show you that it is possible to create the life you want. You can afford this life of enjoyment and travel, from the moment you find the right keys and you give yourself the means to achieve it.

Ok I am a dreamer, but let me tell you : you can achieve the dreams you build. 


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